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The list of countries, where John Player cigarette brand is the most popular (in alphabetical order): Australia, France, Canada, Germany, Ireland, UK, US

John Player cigarettes are manufactured in following countries: Australia, England, Germany, Ireland.

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The U. K. consumers' response to lower prices resulting from packaging economies

It is now the better part of a year since Players in Britain introduced John Player King Size with advertising which drew attention to the brand's unostentatious, cost-conscious packaging as the reason why it was offered at a price below that of other cigarettes of comparable size. This photograph illustrates some of the packaging economies made with John Player King Size. There is no embossing on the pack, colors are kept to a minimum, and a paper tissue has been used in place of the usual foil. 200s bundles are wrapped in a simple single-color printed paper wrapper. Under the heading - How far will the consumer accept packaging and product economies in the pursuit of lower prices? - we discussed the question of lower-cost packaging, and the risk factors which made marketing managers reluctant to consider more than minimal adjustments to packs. Now, several months later, have we been able to learn anything from the John Player King Size operation? Only to a very limited extent, unfortunately. The launch of John Player King Size heralded a price war on the U. K. market in which price manipulation and special short-term offers undermined the old stable pricing structure. Consumers, in a situation of inflation, looked to any means of saving money and old brand loyalties faltered as smokers showed their willingness to take advantage of lower prices on any brand whose name was acceptable. The John Player King Size name certainly proved to be eminently acceptable, and the appeal of its pricing (which managed to keep attractively low, even in the face of competing offers from other King Size brands) brought a high level of trial. The product itself must have been acceptable, for John Player King Size is now second only To Benson & Hedges Special Filter in the King Size sector which now stands at around 17% of the total market, and which Imperial believe will double by the time the new harmonized EEC tax structure is established (i. e. by January 1978). The packaging economies which provided the major John Player King Size introductory advertising copy approach, have long ceased to be a topic of interest. What has emerged is that the packaging of the brand - no embossing, paper instead of foil, cheaper board - has apparently presented no barrier to the widespread acceptance of the brand.


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John Player Special King Size

Japanese Qualitative Study

Main Findings

Specific Discussion Area

Price and intent to purchase:

Although few respondents, especially in H.L.C. groups, guesstimated a higher range of price such as ??350 or ??450, most respondents were aware that all King Size imported cigarettes were sold at ??280 or ??290. Thus, the indicated price (??290 for H.L.C. and ??280 for soft pack) did not generate any particular reactions.

Except for a few respondents, no high degree of intent to purchase was observed among the respondents. The reason was apparent. Respondents did not accept the "peculiar-looking" package. It should be noted that even the few who showed more or less a degree of intent to purchase showed an attitude that the main motivation was "curiosity".

Respondents also mentioned that that the product was acceptable ? "similar to Japanese cigarettes" or "easy to smoke" ? alone did not motivate them to pay ??280 or ??290, although for these "occasional" smokers of imported brands, it seemed important that the product tasted "similar" to their regular brands.

It would not be too difficult to interpret, from such attitudes of respondents, that a factor that general consumers consider more important for an imported cigarette brand is "package". In fact some respondents gave such comments as "I wish it had a different package..." or "I'd repack the cigarettes to some other package..."

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