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Marlboro Medium in Saudi Aravia

Pack With Numbers

1. Reactions
Having examined respondents' reactions to the pack whilst concealing the tar and nicotine numbers, they were ultimately shown the pack along with the ratio of tar and nicotine. They were asked if knowing the actual tar and nicotine level would in any way influence their intention to buy the brand and the reason of such a change.
By and large, respondents felt the tar and nicotine ratio was exactly as or very close to what they had previously anticipated.
The very few whose expectations didn't match found it either higher or lower depending on their picturing the brand to be similar to Marlboro Red or Marlboro Light respectively.

2. Change in Buying Intentions and Reasons
As for buying the brand, the views and reactions were varied. Most respondents expressed interest in future purchase if it were to be available in the Saudi Market. However the future purchase will serve me purpose of a trial to experience the brand and judge it more fully and then based on then-experience they might consider a switch.
"No it won't affect it's a good brand"
(Winston Smoker – Arab Expat – Jeddah)
For some respondents, the percentage of tar and nicotine would have no effect on their decision to buy the brand.
"Ratio of Tar & Nicotine should be lower (8-.6) but it's still better than Marlboro Red It won't affect much, I could accept this rating"
(Silk Cut Yellow Smoker – Arab Expat – Jeddah)
"Tar and nicotine are not the things that are the most important. It is the taste and flavor".
(Marlboro Red Smoker – Arab Expat – Riyadh)
"I don't think it will affect. I like it therefore I will buy it"
(Marlboro Light smoker – Saudi National – Jeddah)
Thus purchase intentions were positive amongst:
. Marlboro Red (past and current smokers) who would be happy to have a Marlboro product with the same quality of taste but lower tar and nicotine level
• Past Marlboro Red smokers who had shifted to a lights brand (8 respondents)
Marlboro Lights past and present smokers (25 respondents)
The few respondents who completely refused the idea of Marlboro Medium fell into 2 categories:
• "Lights" smokers whether Marlboro Light or another LTN brand and do not want to switch to a brand higher in tar and nicotine cigarette. Out of this there are Marlboro Light past smokers who switched from Marlboro Light because they found it strong (14 respondents)
Marlboro Red or any other full-flavor smokers who do not want to shift to a lighter cigarette (7 respondents)
Supporting Quotes:
"Suits lots of people from Marlboro Light and Marlboro Medium but switched from Marlboro Light to a lighter brand Yes it will affect because I am looking for a low ratio ".
(Merit Light Smoker – A rah Expat – Jeddah)
"I will not buy it because it is so similar to Marlboro Red; however if I want a lighter cigarette I will smoke Marlboro Light"
(Marlboro Light Smoker – Arab Expat – Riyadh)
"Positive effect same flavor and taste as Marlboro Red but less % of tar and nicotine means one gets the taste and flavor but less harm to health"
(Marlboro Red Smoker – Arab Expat – Jeddah)
"I would buy it because I was smoking Marlboro Red but I found it to be very heavy therefore I switched to Marlboro Light and now to Marlboro Medium".
(Marlboro Light Smoker – Arab Expat – Riyadh)
"Possible yes and no; I could be comfortable with it and could buy 1-2 cigarettes to be sure of the taste"
(Marlboro Light Smoker – Arab Expat – Jeddah)
"On the contrary there is a good possibility that I switch to this brand because of the good taste, the % of tar and nicotine less than Marlboro Red and more suitable and no bad smell"
(Winston smoker – Saudi National – Riyadh)
"On the contrary, it is good for me, not strong nor light"
(Benson & Hedges Smoker – Arab Expat – Riyadh)
"More than expected but still acceptable"
(Marlboro Light Smoker – Saudi National – Riyadh))
"Tar and nicotine are very important when buying a cigarette; however I have to smoke 1-2 packs before deciding to switch" (Winston Smoker – Arab Expat – Jeddah)

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