Gym Clothing: What Helps the Most Training

Soft clothing, technical fabrics that support allowing freedom of movement and proper breathability: these are the characteristics that should have a functional gym clothing.

In addition to being attentive to food, omega 3, or energetic breakfast that helps us train better, in fact, it is very important to pay attention to the right clothing for training: the trend nowadays seems to be to prefer fashionable clothes, but clothing suitable for training must be especially comfortable and practical to support the movements, are therefore banned all garments that tighten too much, sexy underwear, bras with underwire.

In this article we will give you some general advice, but of course the gym clothing may vary depending on the type of training chosen.

Gymwear: Prefer Breathable Fabrics

First of all it is a matter of hygiene and health, synthetic fabrics for example are to be avoided because in contact with sweat help escapes and bacteria to proliferate. They can therefore cause redness, irritation and allergies. It is therefore better to prefer breathable fabrics. Wide trousers are the most suitable, to be coordinated with a short-sleeved shirt and a sweatshirt. The secret is to cover yourself in layers to avoid getting sick, you can lighten up when you start exercising and cover yourself again when you leave the room hot.

Short-sleeved t-shirts or vests are ideal for the free movement of the arms, the care for women is to avoid too wide necklines. The technical thermal fabrics are the best because after a sweat do not leave too long back and abdomen wet. The length of the trousers varies according to the activity: in the weight room we better wear wide trousers or leggings, on the treadmill you can also wear runner shorts. For those who attend spinning classes there are instead reinforced pants to cushion the recoil.

Gymwear: Underwear

Sports underwear provides support and freedom of movement. The bra straps are therefore quite wide, while the push-up and underwired models are bandits. Pay attention also to the size to avoid constriction and rubbing. As far as panties are concerned, it is better to prefer those made of pure cotton or technical fabric that help perspiration and do not cause irritation. Socks should also be made of cotton and breathable. If you are active in the water, the Olympic swimsuits are recommended.

Gym Clothing: Shoes

The lightest, most performing and most shock-absorbing sports shoes are the most suitable for aerobic and cardio activity. Shoes must be purchased in a sports shop to meet certain criteria. Flat shoes are to be discarded: they must have an internal footbed to cushion the movements. Wearing the wrong footwear can cause back pain and muscle contractures. Fitness enthusiasts should choose models that contain the ankle as movements are very rapid and there is a risk of sprains. Some disciplines, on the other hand, only require the use of socks, such as yoga or pilates. The teacher may also recommend the use of non-slip rubber pads.

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