Horoscope of the Week: What the Signs of the Zodiac Say

Horoscope of the week Aries

Although a boring Venus-Saturn aspect can curb romance at the beginning of the week. Mercury entering Aquarius on Wednesday (until March 15) will stimulate things. Basically, your inner splendor will fascinate people who appreciate brains, so let your uniqueness shine, Aries. Wednesday, Venus begins a four-week transit through Taurus, which will give an earthly twist to love. Expect sensuality or practicality to take the initiative in a relationship or influence your desire for a partner. This weekend, love may seem elusive, irresistible, or definitely strange, so seek clarity. Check your horoscope every day here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=astrology.daily.horoscope

Horoscope of the Week Taurus

Your charms are about to skyrocket, Taurus! Starting Wednesday, Venus in transit through your sign for four weeks will open your heart if you want. Now it’s time to clarify what you want from a partner to help you manifest a relationship that’s right for you. More importantly, accepting yourself, your flaws and everything else will increase the flow of love in your life. Your career will also be in your mind after Mercury enters Aquarius on Wednesday (until March 15). This weekend, romance may surprise you as your sovereign Venus merges with the eccentric Uranus.

Gemini Week Horoscope

Between Wednesday and March 15th, the future will be in your mind (and perhaps revealed!) as Mercury travels through Aquarius. Now is the time to focus on your spiritual practices to awaken your inner guidance. And be in search of a vision, a visceral feeling or a vivid dream that reveals something you need to know. Also, your intense perception will inspire understanding of your previous relationships after Venus began a four-week transit through Taurus on Wednesday. Consider talking to a past life psychic about your relational karma. Finally, the weekend may bring a revelation about love as Venus merges with Uranus. Wait for your clarity with trivial matters.

Horoscope of the Week Cancer

The fascination of all things mysterious, including your inner world, will force you to discover hidden knowledge after Mercury enters Aquarius on Wednesday (until March 15). A psychic experience can be part of the picture. Also, the need for meaningful conversations can make you impatient for superficial social interactions. As for romance, Venus starting a four-week transit through Taurus on Wednesday will inspire love through friendship. This means that your relationship with a friend may deepen, or a friend or group will play a role in bringing someone special into your life. Expect a surprising insight into your social life this weekend.

Leo Week Horoscope

Between Wednesday and March 15, conversations about commitment, marriage or equality will be the theme of Mercury’s passage through Aquarius into your partnership kingdom. Now it’s time to brainstorm ideas with your spouse or close friend to get insights in tune with you. If you’re alone, a matchmaking effort could introduce you to someone compatible. Also, on Wednesday, Venus starting a four-week transit through Taurus into the realm of your career could push you to mix business and pleasure. You may find yourself socializing more than usual with your colleagues or meeting someone special related to your work. Contact a Love Psychic to find out what’s in store for romance.

Horoscope of the Virgo Week

Between Wednesday and March 15, getting in touch with people who inspire you spiritually will fill your heart as Venus passes through the Taurus into your realm of higher consciousness. It is about engaging in meaningful conversations and exploring the knowledge that touches your soul. If you are looking for a love story, an admirer can make their way through a spiritual activity, journey or learning program. Expect a uh-ah! moment about love this weekend! To bring you back to earth a little bit, Mercury entering Aquarius on Wednesday (until March 15) will activate ideas to simplify your daily life. Improving your health and/or work habits will be part of the process.

Libra Week Horoscope

Between Wednesday and March 15th, communicating from the heart will make you irresistible as the cunning Mercury passes through Aquarius into your realm of romance and creativity. Now it’s time to access your inner muse to express your feelings through your words. If you are alone, communications will play a role in the love story, like a matchmaking effort or an online introduction. Also starting Wednesday, Venus begins a four-week transit through Taurus to awaken your deepest emotions (and any emotional issues you’re facing). Therefore, an intimate encounter can become intense, especially this weekend!

Horoscope of the week Scorpio

Between Wednesday and March 15th, Mercury in transit through Aquarius will stimulate ideas and conversations involving your home life. But the best news is that Venus entering Taurus on Wednesday will bring harmony into a close relationship over the next four weeks. Expressing your love for your partner or best friend can deepen the connection, but in return you will need to feel affection. As such, be aware of your expectations and keep your clarity when it comes to love. If you are alone, Venus may reunite you with someone compatible – if your heart is open and the time is right. A Love Psychic can reveal the details.

Horoscope of the week Sagittarius

Paying attention to details in a relationship can make love bloom as Venus passes through Taurus. During the next four weeks, you will be more aware than usual of your partner’s needs and what it takes to sustain a loving relationship on a daily basis. Helping out when necessary will be part of the picture. If you are alone, your humility or availability can attract the attention of someone special. Just make sure you’re not the one who does all the giving. And between Wednesday and March 15th, Mercury crossing Aquarius will awaken your brain power and share your ideas.

Horoscope of Capricorn Week

Neptunian influences at the beginning of the week will either throw your brain into a fog or awaken your intuition – or both. Mostly, you will find it easier to express yourself if you are in touch with your feelings. Relying on logic alone will probably get you into trouble. Alternatively, this is an excellent time to learn more about your love life (or another area) through introspection or meditation. This will help you face all the relational challenges that arise from Venus clashing with the mighty Pluto on Thursday and Friday. Rejecting the urge to take control could be your mission. This weekend, an uplifting Moon-Jupiter fusion in your romantic kingdom on Saturday may result in a trial for two!

Aquarius Week Horoscope

Beware of potentially profitable ideas and conversations after Mercury enters Aquarius on Wednesday (until March 15). But the best news is that Venus will pass into Taurus in your romantic realm on Wednesday. During the next four weeks, expressing what’s in your heart can revive the love story with your treasure. Simply having fun together can make love flourish. If you are alone, you might meet an admirer at a party or entertainment event. In fact, a sudden attraction might surprise you this weekend! However, seeing people clearly can be a challenge.

Pisces Week Horoscope

Love and friendship will merge somehow after Venus enters Taurus on Wednesday. During the next four weeks, conversations and activities with your closest friends will warm your heart. If you are alone, you may meet an admirer through a group activity or collaborative effort. Or maybe a spark will be ignited with someone you consider a friend. You will be particularly attractive this weekend, but people may misunderstand you unless you are clear in your words and intentions. Also, Wednesday, Mercury entering Aquarius (until March 15) will strengthen your intuition, especially if you take time for silence.

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