How to Make Porridge: a Guide for Beginners

You want to find out how to make porridge? We explain it to you in this article, also telling you something more about this dish. Porridge, also known as oatmeal, is a sweet oatmeal soup of Anglo-Saxon origin. Although we Italians are used to other models, we can say that the porridge is the emblem of healthy breakfast. It is a dish with an almost creamy texture and a tasty taste. It is usually served with fresh fruit, but depending on the taste you can also choose honey, maple syrup or dried fruit. It is also a very good mix of several ingredients such as banana and hazelnut grains.

How To Prepare Porridge For Celiacs Or Vegans

If for the English and Americans it is a tradition, in Italy the consumption of porridge is spreading more and more among lovers of fitness and healthy and natural cuisine. How to make porridge? It’s very simple. These are oat flakes, or even other cereals, cooked in cow’s or vegetable milk, to which you can add yogurt, dried fruit, but also chocolate, dried fruit and everything that your imagination suggests.

The porridge is a real detox meal, also referred to as a perfect breakfast before the gym. The fibres contained in the cereals give a sense of satiety, useful not to give in to the temptation to have a snack between meals, and also have the advantage of regularizing the intestinal functions.

It is also a perfect breakfast for celiacs, just choose gluten-free oats or even millet, rice flakes or buckwheat (which are naturally gluten-free).

Porridge is a meal that also meets the needs of those who are allergic to dairy products or have adopted a vegan diet. Just replace the milk with a vegetable drink of your choice (rice, almond or coconut).

How To Prepare Porridge In A Few Simple Steps

Making the oatmeal is really simple:

  1. Put in a saucepan up to 5 tablespoons of oatmeal or the cereal of your choice.
  2. Add half a glass of milk (cow or vegetable) and half a glass of water.
  3. Bring to the boil and cook for another 5 minutes, stirring constantly, until the dish has reached a creamy consistency.
  4. At this point turn off the heat and season with ingredients to taste, such as dried fruit, fresh fruit, honey or other.

How To Make Porridge…Cold!

In summer, when it’s hot, you can prepare the fresh version of porridge. Also in this case the preparation process is very simple: take between 3 and 5 tablespoons of oat flakes in a bowl and cover them with milk (always cow or vegetable). Cover the mixture and let it rest for one night, in the morning you just need to give a stir and season it to taste.

To sweeten the porridge you can use honey or maple syrup, but also cinnamon or vanilla, which add a spicy touch without bringing calories. And if you want some tasty idea, you can add a little cocoa to the oatmeal or some hazelnuts and a fresh pear in chunks, you will feel like eating a cake.

What Fruit To Put In The Porridge

Porridge goes well with dried fruit (raisins, dried figs, dried apricots can be added before cooking), but also with some super foods such as strawberries, berries or avocado. For a more creamy meal, add a few tablespoons of yoghurt and enjoy mixing all the ingredients that whet your palate. Enjoy a new dish every day from the same base!

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