The Best Exercises To Lose Weight In The Gym

Is losing weight in the gym possible? The answer is obviously yes. This is one of the reasons why many users sign up for a club and start training. The goal can be achieved, but it should be pointed out that perseverance and commitment are necessary. You can lose weight by choosing the right training and following a healthy and balanced diet, able to provide energy and support performance. Many people believe that, to lose weight in the gym, it is sufficient to perform regular exercises, without setting limits to the stimulation of hunger. Be careful: excessive calories can frustrate all previous fatigue.

Very important is also the sequence of exercises that take place in the work-out: it is not enough to move by doing general workouts to burn calories and lose weight. The ideal is to ask the personal trainer to prepare a personalised training card, aimed at effective and constant weight loss.

Among the best training to lose weight in the gym we find the circuit training that last about an hour, in absence or almost rest between one exercise and another. The way the exercises are carried out varies according to your needs. In the card you can insert exercises to lose weight in the gym of Circuit Training, ATA and PHA.

Losing Weight In The Gym With Pha Training

PHA (Peripheral Heart Action) training promotes weight loss by means of super-series performance. These exercises stimulate the cardiovascular system and activate the venous circulation. In addition, different and distant muscle groups, such as the upper and lower limbs, are stimulated. Total body exercises and aerobic training can be included in a PHA circuit, with repetitions of a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 16 series, depending on the subject.

Each session increases the work, in order to promote a constant and increasing weight loss. High-frequency heart rate exercises are then carried out, which require a great deal of energy.

With a work-out of this type, they can also increase and tone the muscle masses, even if in a less targeted way than a body building workout.

In a PHA workout, exercises such as:

  • side elevations with handlebars
  • relaxation with handlebars on bench
  • squat
  • sit-up
  • low pulley
  • calf machine.

You can also opt for more demanding exercises involving multiple muscle groups such as abdominals, shoulders, legs etc., always working at high heart rate and taking short breaks. Here are some examples of exercises to be performed also with the help of machines or tools:

  1. treadmill;
  2. oval;
  3. step;
  4. bench curl;
  5. glutes machine;
  6. leg extension for quadriceps;
  7. shoulder press;
  8. pectoral machine;
  9. exercise bike.

In a card with exercises for slimming and toning, the series are increased progressively; the types of training are different and include thrusts and pulls that work on different muscle groups in order to activate the cardio system and, at the same time, tone.

Lose Weight in the Gym With ATA Training

This type of training involves using weights and performing high heart rate exercises, combining aerobic cardio-fitness and anaerobic resistance training. The effect of this type of training is a reduction in fat mass in favour of lean mass. It is therefore perfect for keeping fit after a slimming diet. The basic exercises involve the use of:

  • bar;
  • flat bench;
  • press;
  • parallel exercises;
  • bike;
  • rower;
  • elliptical;
  • carpet.

Important To Diversify Training Between Men And Women

The training card for weight loss must be different if the athlete is a man or a woman. In view of this, it is often the case that men work by lifting huge weights, while women prefer lighter weights. It is true that women have less testosterone, but they are more resistant than men. So if the goal is to tone the muscles, it is better that they engage in lifting heavier weights than performing many repetitions with lighter weights. This does not lead to an excessive increase in muscles (men’s goal) since hypertrophy in the female body is difficult to achieve. If a woman trains at a high intensity, hormone levels increase and thus speed up the recovery of physical fitness.

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